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History of the research[ edit ] J Harlen Bretz in The history of the scabland studies has two distinct stages: the "old" one that began with the first works by J Harlen Bretz and Joseph Pardee in North America and lasted until the end of the 20th century that was crowned with the discovery of giant current ripple marks in Eurasiaand a "new" one. The latter is associated with heated debates concerning the genesis of the relief under study and which involved a lot of Russian geologistsgeomorphologists and geographers.

The discussion about the origin of the giant ripples dealt at least to a certain extent with every aspect of the diluvial theory, from the genesis of the lakes themselves, their ripple ice duration, possibilities of their cataclysmic failures, etc. The state of the problem in the 20th century.

It was only after J. Pardee gave ripple ice characteristics to the forms found by him already in the early 20th century while researching the Late Pleistocene lake Missoula. Pardee, who was the discoverer of this lake and named it, had kept silent for over thirty years until his retirement about cataclysmic outbursts of the giant North-American ice-dammed lakes in the Pleistocene. As ripple ice mentioned, the "official" American geology represented by the United States Geological Surveywhich strictly controlled all scientific studies, strongly objected to J H.

Pardee was a member of this organization.

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Even the title "Ripple marks? A special ripple ice of the geomorphology and palaeohydrology of the American scabland was begun by Victor Baker. However, those dependences estimated velocities and discharges of the floods at the channel line, and the data received, although imprecise, were tremendous. Baker calculated the palaeohydraulic data over the ripple fields, i. Special tourist routes were organised at most impressive sites of ripple ice giant vessels ", canyons -coulees, vast fields of giant current ripples and others.

Here professional guides tell the tourists about hydrospheric catastrophes which took place in the ice ages in America. Current ripple marks in sand in modern stream in the Altai Republic, Russia The discovery of the relief of giant current ripples in the Altai and Tuva and its correct diagnostics began a new stage in the paleogeographical research of the continents, a broad ripple ice cooperation and initiated new conclusions which have cleared up a lot of questions in the Quaternary geology and Paleohydrology of Pleistocene in Eurasia.

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Along with the development of the ideas about enormous dimensions and a big role of Pleistocene glacier-dammed lakes and their cataclysmic outburstsa new branch of the scientific research which was called by the British geologist P. Carling "flood deposit sedimentology " [9] is becoming more and more notable.

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In Russia in the middle s the geological objects formed by the diluvial floods — floodstreams — were referred by the author to the research objects of Quaternary glaciohydrology based on the ripple ice of the diluvial morpholithogenesis. Although some lake terraces of the basinal preglacial bodies of water армада опционы the mountains of South Siberia were mapped in the early 20th century it was done incidentally during some geological and botanical investigationsthe question of the evacuation mechanisms of these ripple ripple ice did not even arise.

As a matter of fact, this question was and ripple ice someones is still considered rhetorical: since there are strandlines on the sides of the depressions, then the lakes used to dry gradually and slowly.

And when such lake terraces could be poorly distinguished, if any at all, in the depressions, then the question ripple ice the lakes did not arise: there were not any lakes. Nevertheless, in the late s G.

Lungershausen and O.

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Rakovets [11] were the first to give a correct interpretation to a "mysterious" ridge-and-pading relief in Kuray intermountain depression. These scientists were the first to correctly define the genesis of the relief in the depression and to assume, according to the orientation of the diluvial dunes, the eastern direction of the runoff of the rivers, which is opposite to the contemporary one, at some moment in the history of the Altai.

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The genetic diagnostics of the giant ripple ice in the Kuray Basin had a general character and was essentially limited to the terminologically correct definition only in fact, the purpose of the article of ripple ice authors mentioned was different. The article explained the origin of the direction of the water torrents proper by some neotectonic reasons. New hypotheses of the origin of the giant current ripple marks[ edit ] Giant current ripples, seen from helicopter.

From south to north. Altay, Kuray, The notice made by G. Rakovets about the diluvial origin of giant ripple marks in Kuray was denied by E. Deviatkin, [12] who referred to an oral conclusion made by E. Shantser and wrote that the large ripple marks in Kuray Basin were results of heavy erosional processing of a huge fluvioglacial fan.

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Petkevich expressed a similar opinion in her candidate thesis. She believed that the ridged relief on the right bank of the Tetio River in Kuray Basin was a washed proluvial fan.

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The petrography composition of the coarse-fragmental material in the ripple marks witnesses also against this ripple ice, it is alien to the bed rock of the basins ripple ice the Tetio and the Aktru rivers. In addition, G. Rusanov [14] found malachiteaxinitesillimanite and cinnabar in the schlichs of the ripple ice marks in Kuray Basin, which are characteristic of the Kuray Ridge but not found in the schlichs of the end moraines of the Tetio River, the latter adjoining the fields of the giant ripples.

Cinnabar is a heavy, fragile and quickly worn mineral. That is why, as G. Rusanov remarks, it cannot be carried away from its original source farther than over first hundreds of metres.

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Over longer distances this mineral can be transported only in suspension state. At the same time, galenawhich is very characteristic of the moraines of the Tetio and the Aktru Valleys, is not found in the ripple sediments.

Hence, pebble deposits adjoining the end moraines of the Tetio cannot be fluvioglacial or proluvial formations of the meltwater from the glaciers of the Aktru and the Tetio. At that time P.

Giant current ripples

Okishev flatly disagreed with his predecessors and contemporaries. He argued that the proofs of the erosional extension of a vast fluvioglacial fan here in Ripple ice Basin are unconvincing. In P. Okishev put forward the idea that the giant current ripple marks in Kuray depression are "inversional formations".

Rudoy shall point out in this quotation that 1 P. Okishev simply described, though superficially, the mechanism of the eskersand 2 he emphasised the fluvial, channel origin of the ridges proceeding from their material composition and morphology.

Okishev wrote that the giant current ripples in Kuray Basin are "bedded, small-ridged, poly-ridged" moraines. The "inversional relief" was forgotten by the author for ever and has never been mentioned again.

Borisov and E. Minina who, after many years of their geological surveys in the mountains of southern Siberiadiscovered and described the relief of "a washing board" the phase of ripple ice rogen moraine according to the classification by Yu.

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Minina ascribed the relief of giant current ripples of all the districts where it had been found, described and more or less studied to that relief of the ribbed moraine, [19] the latter really exists in many ancient glacial mountainous valleys of SiberiaMiddle Asia and in other mountains. The first investigator in Russia who not only correctly defined the genesis of the giant ripple ice ripples we shall remind that this was done first by G.

Rakovets about twenty-five years before that time but also described their composition and reconstructed in a complex with other flood forms palaeoglaciohydrology of the region of the geological surveys was V.

However, his discovery was made far from the region where nowadays "lances are being broken". It was in the valley of the Bashkaus River in the Easter Altai [20] ]. As a matter of fact, V. Butvilovsky managed to describe the whole palaeohydrologic scenario of the last glacial age based on a small district, which corresponds ripple ice to the modern ideas about glacial palaeohydrology of the dryland.

He also showed that the Quaternary ice-dammed lake of Tuzhar Village discovered by him outburst into the valley of the Chulyshman River after ripple ice reached its critical level. Later on, V. Butvilovsky developed his ideas and defended them in his doctoral thesis [Butvilovsky, ]. Rudoy studied in this years the largest in the Altay ice-dammed lakes of Chuya, Kuray and Uymon Basins [21] Butvilivsky was in the s his student in Tomsk State University.

In autumn Rudoy carried out some field research on the left bank site of the Katun River which is now known as "the field of giant current ripples of Platovo-Podgornoje". The result of the research was the first published work dedicated to the multiple cataclysmic outbursts of those tremendous Pleistocene ice-dammed lakes.

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Also the first attempt was made to define the palaeohydraulic characteristics of the diluvial floods according to the morphologic peculiarities of the ripples and their material composition.

In the early and middle s special filed studies headed by the Alexei Rudoy were ripple ice out at the discovered sites of the fields of the giant current ripples, four of which have become key ones in the course of time, i. These key sites include: the location of giant current ripples of Platovo-Podgornoje; the location of diluvial dunes of the Little Сигнал для бинарных опционов — the Inia; the field of the giant current ripples in the central part of Kuray Basin and the diluvial dunes at the Ripple ice in Russian: urochishtshe Kara-Kol on its western raised periphery.

AugustKatun RiverAltay Some reconstruction of the regime of the last glacial ageestimates of the glacial runoff at its maxima and post-maxima, on the one hand, and the discovery ripple ice the diluvial morpholithocomplex on the other hand, enabled us already at the late s to outline a common palaeoglaciohydrologic situation of the Glacial Pleistocene for those territories of the Earth where the oroclimatic ripple ice were similar to those of the mountains of Siberia.

At the same time M. Grosswald [23] ripple ice and physically interpreted for the first time fields of giant current ripples not in the Altai only but also in the intermountain depressions of Tuva and in the valleys of the Upper Yenisei. Nowadays these fields are also studied by international expeditions, some works paying a special attention to the giant ripple marks on the Sayany-Tuva table-land have been already published.

Their purpose was to compare main palaeohydromorphologic characteristics of mountain scablands of Central Asia which had been already developed in Russia by that time [25] with those of the known plain diluvial ripple ice of the Channeled Scabland territory in North America.

The participants of those first expeditions were specialists from Russia M. Kirianova, A. Rudoythe United States V. BakerGreat Britain P.


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